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At Sutton Defence Lawyers, we advise and represent clients accused of sexual offences in and around Birmingham. If you are based in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Coventry or nearby and need criminal defence advice, we can help you with the best advice.

Sexual Offences Defence Lawyers, Birmingham

We know this will be a difficult time for you but you can be sure your case is in safe hands.

Sutton Defence Lawyers provides a first-rate criminal defence service to people accused of sexual crimes and other serious offences. The firm’s director, Stuart Sutton, with over two decades of experience, has the expertise to handle all types of sexual offence cases, including highly complex crimes and high-profile cases.

At Sutton Defence Lawyers we can advise on the following allegations:

Recent Cases

Client contacted us in 2020 saying that when a child (aged 11) there was an accusation that he raped his sister.

It was clear, from reading between the lines that something had happened between the client and sister and therefore in a tactical way we negotiated a no comment positon in relation to the police on several occasions.

This preserved the client’s position for if and when charges became live.

It also gave us an opportunity to not be professional embarrassed because at this point the client had not made any admissions be it to us or in relation to the questions asked of him by the police.

Eventually, the CPS decided to charge him with rape, sexual assault and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

We negotiated with the Prosecution to the extent that the Prosecution did not proceed with the rape count and no evidence was offered in that respect.

As regards the sexual assaults these were negotiated to the least possible sexual assaults that could have occurred in the circumstances as was the case with the inciting a child to commit a sexual act.

The basis of plea was accepted by the Prosecution and placed before the Court. We advised the client in relation to his interview with the Probation Officer which resulted in an excellent report suggesting a non-custodial sentence was available so that the client could obtain help within the community.

Despite a very compelling victim personal statement from the client’s sister, the matter came before the Court on the 15th August 2022 when the client was spared an immediate custodial sentence and instead sentenced to a 36 month Community Order, a curfew and a victim surcharge although there was no order for costs or compensation.

Of course, this still meant that the client has to be subject to the registration requirements (commonly known as the Sex Offenders Register) for a period of five years.

The Judge was persuaded that the client should be sentenced as though he were the child that he was at the time.

Needless to say, the client is delighted.

R v Mr E (Birmingham)

Mr E gave extra-curricular teaching assistance and ran a boy’s club. Accused by many and various boys of sexual wrongdoing. Main complainant’s case withdrawn before trial and after production of a Defence Statement. Mr E unanimously acquitted by a jury in relation to all other counts.

R v Mr K (Warwick)

Accused of sexual misfeasance with foster child. Police failed to obtain CCTV footage of Mr K’s journeys to and from work, which could have proved when he was at work and when he was not, and also failed to obtain information from his employer as to clocking in and out times. Unanimously acquitted by a jury.

R v Mr R (Stoke)

Mr R accused by two complainants. One of rape (prosecution withdrew case following complainant giving no evidence) and one of indecent assault. Trial stopped at this stage and re-trial in relation to the sexual assault yet to be concluded.


"After having the police turn up at my door and requesting my presence for a voluntary interview following some allegations made against me, and not feeling comfortable with the Duty solicitor I was provided. I spent the next few days searching for a Solicitor I was happy with. I felt the majority of the ones I had a conversation with, I was still not as comfortable as I needed to be with a solicitor due to the seriousness of the allegations and it's implications on my career.

After the initial conversation with Stuart, it was a breath of fresh air and could instantly see the wealth of knowledge and expertise that stuart possesses. He instantly had my mind at ease as much as possible at that current time, and it was obvious that he genuine interest and wasn’t just after money for the least amount of work necessary which was one feeling I got from quite a few other companies.

From the moment Stuart was instructed to take over my defence, His services provided was to the highest standard. Stuart went above and beyond to ensure that he had regular updates within the stages of the investigation, whilst also maintaining prompt contact with myself to keep me informed, reassured and answer any questions I had during the Investigation.

Once again I would like to thank Stuart and his team for all their hard work for me over the last 12 months."


"Stuart was thorough, professional and honest throughout the process. He didn't give us false hope yet we felt reassured by his extensive experience in this area and appreciated that he was always responsive and available to us at all hours."


"What I can I possibly say now in any sense of some adequate words to you two - Stuart and Mark?

Yes, Stuart – that huge amount of work and preparation we, as a team had to do – mind boggling, but so very necessary. The formula is good. It works.

Mark, Stuart – it isn’t just me thanking you both from the bottom of my heart. It is every member of my lovely family."


"I approached Stuart after I had been arrested and interviewed in relation to sexual allegations. From the outset he exuded a confidence and a familiarity with the situation. He knew exactly what was going to happen over the coming months.

When we met he was friendly yet professional and realistic. He was painstaking in ensuring he had taken detailed instructions from me, and wasted no time commencing the process of speaking to others and gathering evidence to build our case. He works proactively and relentlessly.

It is amazing just how accessible Stuart is. He seems to work all hours and makes himself eminently available to his clients. Even if he is busy, he gets back to you as soon as he can.

Stuart is a professional solicitor not a therapist, but I think he knows that part of his job is to keep the client’s head up, and he does it very well. It helps that he can make anybody laugh, even in the darkest hours. He has a jovial and relaxed manner, but beneath it he is sharp and determined to get the right outcome for his client.

In the end, working together with Counsel, we secured a judgement of “no case to answer” resulting in an automatic “not guilty” verdict. I am convinced that Stuart’s work helped us to get this result rather than having to go all the way to a jury decision. The crucial advantage seemed to me to be that we had prepared in painstaking detail and knew the case inside out; this is what Stuart is a master of.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever recommending Stuart as a solicitor."


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