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Sutton Defence Lawyers is a specialist sexual offences defence firm, serving clients in London and led by Stuart Sutton, a highly experienced sexual offences defence solicitor. Stuart has an outstanding record of assisting clients in even the most challenging of circumstances, with a high percentage of counts resulting in not guilty verdicts and can offer the best legal advice.

We are committed to client care, and we always put your bests interests at the forefront of our defence strategy. If you are facing investigation or charges related to sexual offences, there is no time to delay, contact Stuart Sutton now by calling 07798753720. We look forward to assisting you at this difficult time.

Sexual Offences Defence Solicitors, London

Sutton Defence Lawyers can assist you with a broad range of sexual offences, including;

This list is not exhaustive, and if you have been accused of any sexual offence or suspect that you may be charged with a sex-related crime, it is vital to act quickly. The sooner you get in touch with Sutton Defence Lawyers the better chance we have of securing a favourable verdict for you.

Recent Cases 

R v Mr C (Snaresbrook)

Accused by niece of sexual wrongdoing. Acquitted unanimously by a jury.

R v Mr C (Wood Green)

Accused of sexual misfeasance by his niece. Forensic work in relation to diaries, photographs, family meetings and so on. All placed before a jury and acquitted unanimously thereafter.

R v Mr R (Snaresbrook)

Accused of sexual misfeasance by his former stepdaughter. Gathered lots of third party evidence in relation to the stepdaughter’s family and background. Presented to the jury and acquitted unanimously.

Crown v C (Woolwich)

Representation of a young man accused, and subsequently acquitted after a one-week trial, of sexual misfeasance in relation to two underage girls. An extensive Defence Statement was drafted following a full forensic examination of the evidence, detailed editing of the complainant’s evidence for the Crown to consider (and accept), taking of extensive instructions, attending and photographing the site of one of the alleged crimes, drawing plans of the area and obtaining site maps and evidence from third party material.

Crown v F (Surrey)

Successful defence of a multi-count sexual offence indictment in relation to one girl. Having obtained extensive instructions, a forensic examination of the evidence was conducted, as well as the taking of photographs and drafting of floor plans relevant to the location of the alleged incident. Further information was obtained from F in relation to birthday cards and other documentation passed by the complainant to F. A detailed Defence Statement was drafted, requesting extensive third-party disclosure in relation to the complainant. After a one-week trial, F was acquitted on all counts.

Crown v M (Bedfordshire)

A multi-count indictment in relation to sexual misfeasance with an underage girl, followed by additional counts in relation to the complainant’s sister, was successfully defended resulting in the acquittal of M following a one-week trial. Prior to the Defence Statement being served, a forensic analysis of the evidence was conducted, various witness statements, photographs and floor plan of the premises where the incident allegedly took place were obtained. Many and various witness statements from friends and former friends of the initial complainant were taken, as well as requests made for extensive third-party material.

R v J (London)

D was found not guilty of sexual touching in various ways over many years. At the first trial, the jury couldn’t reach a decision on any of eight counts. At the retrial, D was found not guilty of the first four counts at the end of the prosecution evidence, following an application of no case to answer on the evidence. The jury couldn’t reach a verdict on the remaining four counts. The Crown did not want to proceed to a third trial and offered no evidence. The judge formally entered not guilty verdicts.


"A sincere thank you for the support, hard work and guidance you have provided for our son with this situation. We have appreciated the professional, honest and straightforward advice and response. It has been a difficult time for our family and thank you"


"The initial shock of an allegation was swiftly tempered by Stuart's no-nonsense, honest and straightforward approach in the immediate aftermath. This is exactly the kind of support and candid advice required when one's head is still spinning from an out of the blue accusation. Stuart also guided me clearly and supportively through the initial interview process and had my corner at tricky points of the initial police station visit. I had not been prepared for the protracted timescale of these investigations and lack of communication from the police. Over more than a year, Stuart was responsive to my questions and gave me reassurance while chasing the police for answers. His communications were brief and to the point. There was no wasted time or lack of clarity. I felt that throughout the process he was truly my advocate while also being realistic about the situation in which I found myself. He pulled no punches, and this gave me the confidence to give a truthful account of myself which reaped rewards with the final "No Further Action" verdict."


“Stuart Sutton and barrister, Mark Kelly KC, make an excellent team. Stuart is incredibly hard working, and Mark was very good in court. Very experienced in this area of law. We always felt in safe hands.”


"Thank you Stuart. We are all well and really appreciating life and enjoying every moment we have together as a family. All of yours and Mark's hard work on my behalf has truly made every moment of every day very special, thank you."


"I just wanted to also say that I'm thankful for all the work you and Mark Kelly KC did and I understand that at time I was wavering but everything you two recommend was the right call and I'm happy that you two said things straight to the point with me as I think being blunt was what I needed. It thankfully, made me realize what I had to do. And the fact that I'm sitting in my own home with my wife and son right now and not in prison shows that everything was the right thing to do and I'm very grateful that you and Mark worked so hard and over and above for me."


"We want to say a very big thank you for all the support, guidance you gave us, by phone, letter and with contacting the police on our behalf.  It helped in this traumatic time, knowing we had access to your expertise . We are very appreciative of your efforts, professional skills and experience."


"Contacting a solicitor is something that nobody wants to do. You just have to hope that your chosen legal representative is knowledgeable, understanding and an expert in their field. I am happy to report that Stuart is all these things and more. After initially contacting Stuart, I was able to have a consultation with him in less than 24 hours. Stuart is realistic, easy to talk to and above all a professional. I cannot recommend him enough."


"I have lived, breathed and worked with you two for ever it seems.

Suddenly you won’t be there. It already feels peculiar. I’ve just lost two of my best friends. You quite rightly may see all this as a working relationship and the job is done. Move on. That’s right.

For me though, it will always be more personal than that. It’s like we’ve been travelling the world together and now it’s time to say our goodbyes and get on our separate aeroplanes for home.

This will now stay with me for the rest of my life. But I will always remember you both with great affection, respect and gratitude.

Once again, simply thank you"


“When the letter dropped on the mat my world crumbled. With a partner and young children I had a vision of losing everything, then shame hit me. I had no idea who or why I had been accused of this terrible thing. I immediately felt lost and scared, their was no one I felt I could speak to. After a sleepless night I pulled myself together and googled for a lawyer who could help with the horrible words on the top of the letter and etched in my mind. I found 3 lawyers I thought could help me and started to contact them. The first one wanted to charge me a fee just for an initial chat which left 2. The first lawyer I spoke to seemed empathetic and competent and I made an appointment to see him on the Monday. I spoke to Stuart on the Friday and immediately cancelled the appointment.

Stuart wasn’t empathetic but a realist. However he knows his stuff about what can and should be said. A situation I explained he gave conflicting advice to the previous lawyer but he confirmed what I thought. That is when I knew I had the right lawyer. He also made me laugh which was the first time in a week it had happened. It was needed. Believe me you will think about nothing else, you cannot switch off but no matter what my questions were Stuart was there to answer and help.

When he got the disclosure of my case from the Police he reviewed, told me to say “No comment” and that he felt he did not need to attend the interview with me. I valued his advice and did what he said. Yesterday I was fortunate to have gotten the “No Further Action” email from the Police, my life can finally restart after what has been the worse 4 months of my life. What really shocked me though was that today I got an email saying, I am getting a refund on some of my retainer. So not only did Stuart help get the matter dropped for me regarding these horrible allegations but he gave me a refund as well. How many lawyers can you say that about, not only is he supremely qualified but fair as well.

The initial call to Stuart was the most valuable call I have every made, it literally gave me my life back. Please, please, please do what I did and contact Stuart, make the first step back to getting your life back too.”


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