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Stuart Sutton, who owns and leads the specialist team at Sutton Defence Lawyers has practiced in Hertfordshire on many occasions and has been involved in Crown Court trials in St Albans.

Sutton Defence Lawyers are a team of experienced and dedicated solicitors, barristers and junior staff specialising almost solely in acting for people accused of sexual offences. 

We understand how difficult it can be to be accused of having committed a sexual offence, especially when you believe that you have not done it.

We can help you with police stations, advise post police station and pre-charge (attempting to make it all go away - can we add the link here), in the Magistrates Court if you are charged and in the Crown Court for a trial. 

We regularly help clients who have the most difficult cases including,

This list is not exhaustive and if you have been accused of any sort of sexual offence (pre or post interview, pre or post charge) you can contact us and we will help you.


“Thank you so very much for all you have done for XX and our family. We are all so very grateful to you for your expertise, dedication and kindness you have shown XX and myself.“


Recent cases

R -v- Miss F (St Albans).  F had admitted that she had taken photographs and videos of herself and her young daughter carrying out sex acts and distributed them to her male friend which whom she was having a sexual relationship and on occasions distributed them for money. 

Despite getting full credit for having admitted her wrongdoing right from the very start, she was given what many considered to be a lenient sentence when sentenced in St Albans. 

So lenient was the sentence thought to be that the Attorney General referred the matter for the sentence to be reconsidered. 

We responded to the AG’s reference explaining why we believed that the sentence was the right and proper sentence imposed by the Court by explaining such things as the child was not “particularly vulnerable” as per the sentencing guidelines and referring to the appropriate case law. 

The Attorney General had suggested that the starting point for such offences was 15 years and after credit should have been close to 10 whereas we successfully argued against the AG so that Miss F kept her sentence at 6 years and there was no finding of “dangerousness” pursuant to Section 236A of the Criminal Justice Act and therefore she can be released at the halfway stage of her sentence. 

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