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If you need a sexual offences defence lawyer serving clients in Leeds, Sutton Defence Lawyers can help with the best advice. Our team is led by Stuart Sutton, Who has more than 20 years of experience in dealing with such cases. He also works with some of the most experienced barristers in Leeds. Stuart has handled some extremely complicated cases, including historic sexual abuse cases dating back many years. He has also acted for many foster carers accused of offences by the children in their care. 

Our lawyers know this is a challenging time for you, and so we always keep you informed of how your case is progressing and the next steps we can take to secure a favourable outcome. If you are facing charges or investigation or suspect that you may be in the future, there is no time to delay. Early representation from an expert could mean the difference between a conviction and an acquittal. Contact Sutton Defence Lawyers today by calling 07798 753 720.

Sexual Offences Defence Solicitors, Leeds

We can assist you with all matters relating to sexual offences defence, and routinely help clients in even the most difficult circumstances. Our expertise includes;

This list is not exhaustive, and if you have been accused of any sexual offence or suspect that you may be charged with a sex-related crime, it is essential that you act quickly. Contact us today.

Recent Cases

Crown v S (West Yorkshire)

Following a one-week trial of accusations of sexual misfeasance in relation to the main complainant and assault in relation to her friend, S was acquitted. We conducted a forensic analysis of the evidence, took lengthy and detailed instructions and obtained copies of documentation sent by the complainant to S. A detailed Defence Statement was drafted and filed, and requests for disclosure of extensive third-party material in relation to the main complainant sought.


"Well, no one likes allegations against them, yet it happens every day in someone’s life. Allegations by their very nature turn people’s lives upside down, as I can vouch for having been in that position. I can tell you first hand from my own experience that when you first hear of such an allegation against you, you need expert legal representation from a specialist defence lawyer who knows how to respond in your best interest from the start. Please don’t leave it until the last minute.

Having been in such a situation, I thought my everyday solicitor was enough, but after 12 months of telling me not to worry and that it will go away, my family told me that I needed a specialist and thankfully they found and convinced me to contact Sutton Defence Lawyers.

If I can assure you of anything, do not delay. It was the best decision I have ever taken, Stuart Sutton is a straight talking, ‘no holds barred’ defence lawyer who from day 1 was there for me and my family. His methodical, forensic, investigative ability enables him to find every detail about the allegations, in turn, enabling his team to mount a defence on your behalf with the help of leading barristers.

After three and a half years since it all started, it is all over ‘Not Guilty’. Your life can finally move on.

I cannot imagine how without the hard work of Stuart, his team and my barrister Christopher Dunn, how I could have got through this, but we did. Time is of the essence and it is important as well as crucial to your defence to have such a specialist in place from the start.

I am eternally grateful to Stuart, his legal team and Christopher Dunn for all the hard work and time they put in to support me and my family leading up to and including the trial."


"The initial shock of an allegation was swiftly tempered by Stuart's no-nonsense, honest and straightforward approach in the immediate aftermath. This is exactly the kind of support and candid advice required when one's head is still spinning from an out of the blue accusation. Stuart also guided me clearly and supportively through the initial interview process, and had my corner at tricky points of the initial police station visit. I had not been prepared for the protracted timescale of these investigations and lack of communication from the police. Over more than a year, Stuart was responsive to my questions and gave me reassurance while chasing the police for answers. His communications were brief and to the point. There was no wasted time or lack of clarity. I felt that throughout the process he was truly my advocate while also being realistic about the situation in which I found myself. He pulled no punches, and this gave me the confidence to give a truthful account of myself which reaped rewards with the final "No Further Action" verdict."


"May I thank you and your team for all the advice assistance and ultimately the work you did regarding my case, after our first contact I know i'd made the correct choice with whom which solicitor I needed to take my case.

Putting it bluntly without your counsel I believe I would be in prison today.

To me the money paid for your professionalism as a solicitor was an investment for my future, rebuilding what I took away from my family with my actions.

For anyone in a similar position as myself. I recommend you talk to Stuart and take his advice and counsel.

Thank you once again Stuart and team."


"Initially I was unsure as to whether I wanted a solicitor, but after a 10 minute conversation with Stuart I was fully convinced that I needed him. I then never regretted my decision.

Throughout the entire process, Stuart and the team acted with complete professionalism, were non-judgemental and had expert knowledge and experience. It helped to know that I had someone who knew what they were doing, in my corner.

I cannot recommend Stuart Sutton enough." 


"It’s no exaggeration when I say we feel like we have got our lives back."


“Both you and Chris (the barrister) have been the most amazing support and help throughout this very trying part of our lives. We wish to thank you both for believing in us and for all your hard work.”


"Stuart, thank you for your kind words, we cannot fault your service and customer attention, we felt very safe in your hands with your knowledge in these matters. Should we have difficulties again we won’t hesitate to contact you again for assistance."


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