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Sutton Defence Lawyers provide a specialist defence service to people charged with historical sexual abuse and other sexual offences. Our sex defence lawyer Stuart Sutton is based in Yorkshire - if you are in Bradford, Leeds, Sheffield, Wakefield, Rotherham, Derby York or elsewhere in the Yorkshire region and looking for the best advice contact us to discuss your situation today.

Sexual Offences Defence Solicitors, Yorkshire

If you are facing sexual offence allegations, we understand you will be anxious. Our supportive team will listen to you carefully and provide strategic advice on how to get the best outcome. It is important to act quickly as early representation from a specialist could mean the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.

Stuart Sutton, Director of the firm, has over 20 years’ experience in defending clients accused of sexual offences and can handle the most complex cases, particularly historical sexual abuse cases dating back many years.


"I cannot express my gratitude towards Stuart Sarah and Chris enough. After 4.5years of living with these allegations, and an 8 day trial it was over… NOT GUILTY. Stuart from the very first phone call made me feel at ease, I had 100% confidence in all there legal skills, and I was not wrong. Every question, thought or panic email, was swiftly, and kindly answered, I was kept upto speed on every part of my case, by Stuart and Sarah. I really do owe these guys my life. Chris, a man inow call a friend. watching him work would have been a pleasure under difficult circumstances! … I was even grateful for the kick up the bottom I needed on occasion!! Saying 5 star and an excellent team really doesn’t cut it. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts guys."

"Can I say thank you for everything you’ve done on this Stuart, it’s been a massive help to my sanity."

"I would just like to thank both you and Chris for all your work and the professional manner in which it was conducted at all times, in what has been a particular difficult time for me and my family."

"I can’t thank Stuart and everyone else involved with this case enough, I definitely made the right decision choosing SSDLL to represent me.

Once again, thank you all for your services. Justice definitely has been served."

"I cannot commend Stuart Sutton and Chris Dunn highly enough. From my first contact with Stuart I felt confident, understood, secure and supported. Stuart clearly knows knows his specialised area of Law inside out. This instils utter confidence in the client. Stuart kept me fully informed; his communication throughout a lengthy legal process was excellent. There were no nasty surprises: the process went exactly as he explained it would. My gratitude also goes to Chris Dunn, barrister.

Both Stuart and Chris were highly skilled, professional and supportive. Their straightforward, no-nonsense approach was absolutely vital. This was obviously an extremely difficult time from a personal perspective. Emotionally, the criminal case was highly stressful. However, knowing that I had Stuart Sutton Defence Lawyers on my side gave me a great sense of confidence: they had the situation perfectly under control. The debt I owe is immeasurable.

My profound thanks to Stuart and to Chris. I know they worked tirelessly and achieved a great deal of success behind the scenes. In particular all the key mitigation work was put well in place beforehand. Thank you."

- Mark C

"Thank you for your advice and support during this difficult time. We are extremely happy with the outcome and your guidance went a long way to achieving this."

"Well, no one likes allegations against them, yet it happens every day in someone’s life. Allegations by their very nature turn people’s lives upside down, as I can vouch for having been in that position. I can tell you first hand from my own experience that when you first hear of such an allegation against you, you need expert legal representation from a specialist defence lawyer who knows how to respond in your best interest from the start. Please don’t leave it until the last minute.

Having been in such a situation, I thought my everyday solicitor was enough, but after 12 months of telling me not to worry and that it will go away, my family told me that I needed a specialist and thankfully they found and convinced me to contact Sutton Defence Lawyers.

If I can assure you of anything, do not delay. It was the best decision I have ever taken, Stuart Sutton is a straight talking, ‘no holds barred’ defence lawyer who from day 1 was there for me and my family. His methodical, forensic, investigative ability enables him to find every detail about the allegations, in turn, enabling his team to mount a defence on your behalf with the help of leading barristers.

After three and a half years since it all started, it is all over ‘Not Guilty’. Your life can finally move on.

I cannot imagine how without the hard work of Stuart, his team and my barrister Christopher Dunn, how I could have got through this, but we did. Time is of the essence and it is important as well as crucial to your defence to have such a specialist in place from the start.

I am eternally grateful to Stuart, his legal team and Christopher Dunn for all the hard work and time they put in to support me and my family leading up to and including the trial."


"Just a note to say how grateful I am with your help in my situation. I needed a bit of time to get my head around everything, as it all felt a bit surreal at the time with everything coming to a close so abruptly. Now that the dust has settled, I can't thank you enough for your time, diligence, attention to detail and perseverance in the preparation of my case. I completely agree with you Stuart that had it not been for both of your efforts in pushing me to consider and prepare the DS at an early stage after the initial hearings, the case was most likely going to end up in court. Same goes for your advice throughout the process in preparing my proof, witnesses and getting the situation clear in my head. It was obviously a very challenging and unfamiliar time for me and my family, and something that my natural instinct was telling me to try not to think about - so thank you very much for your persistence in pushing me forward with the case when I was struggling to do so. Your work has given me the ability to plan my life again, and has already made a marked difference on the health of both my family and myself. Thanks doesn't really do it justice, but I really will be forever grateful for the help you provided for me and my family."


"When I first contacted Stuart I was in a state of sheer panic and despair. I chose Stuart due to the high level of positive testimonials on his website.
After just a few words with Stuart I immediately felt a sense of relief, he was very calm, straight to the point and reassuring.

He handled all the correspondence involved quickly and efficiently and his advice was second to none.

If anyone finds themselves in a similar situation facing sexual abuse charges with the police and is consumed with fear, and worry, you cannot find a better defence solicitor than Stuart Sutton.

Thank you so much Stuart, I can now start to rebuild my life."


"May I thank you and your team for all the advice assistance and ultimately the work you did regarding my case, after our first contact I know i'd made the correct choice with whom which solicitor I needed to take my case.

Putting it bluntly without your counsel I believe I would be in prison today.

To me the money paid for your professionalism as a solicitor was an investment for my future, rebuilding what I took away from my family with my actions.

For anyone in a similar position as myself. I recommend you talk to Stuart and take his advice and counsel.

Thank you once again Stuart and team."


 "I am writing to thank you for your assistance to my brother. I was incredibly worried about him, he was in such despair that I was terrified he would not survive the allegation made against him. You gave him the best advice and supported him through this time and I cannot thank you enough – without your help, I can honestly say that I don’t know whether he would still be here. Your communication with the police and him has been faultless and has, I’m sure, helped paint a clearer picture of the motivation behind the allegation made and drastically shortened the time needed to investigate and discard the case."


"Initially I was unsure as to whether I wanted a solicitor, but after a 10 minute conversation with Stuart I was fully convinced that I needed him. I then never regretted my decision.

Throughout the entire process, Stuart and the team acted with complete professionalism, were non-judgemental and had expert knowledge and experience. It helped to know that I had someone who knew what they were doing, in my corner.

I cannot recommend Stuart Sutton enough." 


"I found Stuart through a search for a top solicitor following allegation of sexual assault and common assault. Stuart is highly knowledgeable of the law about each, the process, the likely timescale, the potential outcome and impacts. He provided his realistic opinion on the likely outcome which together with his Barrister's opinion enabled me to make decisions. Behind the scenes, Stuart dealt with the Crown which was a critical and strategic move by him which eased the process in court. This was a terribly worrying four months for me, but the reassurance of Stuart always being there, his straight forward 'no nonsense' approach to advising me and his human side knowing how the eventual charge of common assault was affecting me got me through this traumatic time. I recommend Stuart very highly."


“Whilst undergoing the terrible shock and despair of being falsely accused of a historic offence, my wife and I found Stuart by searching the internet and we must say it is the most important decision we have ever made to instruct Stuart as our Solicitor in this matter.

Right from the beginning Stuart has been so reassuring,absolutely professional and we have never seen anybody as hardworking as he has proved to be, and whatever time of day or night Stuart has been there for us.

Having absolutely no experience or understanding of police processes, court procedures or anything at all like this, Stuart has had to guide us every step of the way and he has produced and compiled a solid and logical defence strategy which proved to be totally successful.

We cannot thank Stuart enough for all of his efforts on our behalf. We are so pleased and grateful that right at the very beginning we found Stuart and decided to instruct him – he has been a lifeline and source of strength for us during what we can say has been the worst time of our lives.

We would positively and highly recommend Stuart.

Thank you.”


“Should you ever need a solicitor for such matters in the field which Stuart deals with, this is the man. Stuart has a strong legal brain and a full understanding of the law and legal system, he will never shocked at whatever the problem is, you can be frank, talk in your own language and not fear he will be upset, disgusted or shocked.

To anyone who requires the services of a solicitor who you need to trust, Stuart is the person to go to.”


"Stuart, thank you for your kind words, we cannot fault your service and customer attention, we felt very safe in your hands with your knowledge in these matters. Should we have difficulties again we won’t hesitate to contact you again for assistance."


"Thank you very much for all your work these past months. I really appreciate it. Thank you for getting me my life back. My family and I will never be able to thank you enough."


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