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If you need a sexual offences defence lawyer serving clients in Leicester, Sutton Defence Lawyers will help with the best advice. Stuart Sutton has more than 20 years’ experience in defending people throughout the whole of England and Wales who have been accused of all kinds of sexual offences. He works throughout the country and spends a lot of time in and around Leicester and the East Midlands. 

Sexual Offences Defence Solicitors for Leicester 

We handle some very complicated cases, including historical sexual abuse matters, grooming cases, internet offences and Appeals. Our testimonials go some way to showing how pleased people are with the work that we do on our client’s behalves as client care is as much a priority as the outcome of the case. 


“Faced with the horror of an unfounded claim of historical sexual assault against a family member, I faced the terrifying prospect of a criminal trial and a lengthy prison sentence if found guilty.

From the first contact with Stuart Sutton, he provided calm, reassuring support. During many dark moments Stuart helped me to deal with the case against me as it developed. On no occasion did he give me false hope – no-one could predict the outcome with 100% accuracy – but he encouraged me to retain a positive outlook and remain confident that justice would prevail.

One should not underestimate Stuart. Beneath the casual demeanour and easy-going style of verbal communication is a man who works tenaciously and tirelessly to scrutinise every minute detail of the case so that a robust defence is formed. During the 8 months leading up to my trial, I have had conversations with him at all hours of any day from 6am to 10pm. That easy-going style enables him to develop relationships with all relevant parties in order to tease out what might, at first glance, appear to be irrelevant details but which may ultimately have a significant impact.

Before the jury verdict, I was happy to tell him that, whatever the outcome, I was immensely impressed and extremely satisfied with the excellent job of work that he and his team had done. Ultimately, the jury took less than 45 minutes to reach unanimous not-guilty verdicts on all three counts.

I have absolutely no hesitation in whole-heartedly recommending the services of Stuart Sutton to anyone who finds themselves in the unthinkably hideous position of facing unfounded criminal charges.

Stuart and I elected to appoint Mark Kelly QC (Barrister) to act as my advocate when I was charged with three counts of historical sexual abuse. Between them, they worked tirelessly to build an extremely robust defence case. They were only able to do this by gaining a thorough understanding of me, my answer in relation to the charges and my personal circumstances. More than that, from our very first meeting, they were preparing me for the trial when I would give my evidence and face cross-examination. It was only after the trial that I realised why they had been so thorough, almost pedantic, in the preparation of my defence statement. It was this defence statement, and the subtle way that they ensured I had an intimate understanding of not just the content but the underlying nuances that resulted in me being able to deliver my evidence in such a confident manner.

Between them, Stuart and Mark make a formidable team. I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending their services to anyone who ever finds themselves in such a position as I did.. Whatever the result was to be, I do not believe they, or anyone else, could have done any more. I am, and always will remain, incredibly grateful and indebted to this remarkable pair of professionals.”


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