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Multiple difficulties with jurors has led to a trial at Sheffield Crown Court being cancelled, and a new trial being arranged. 

The jury for the court case at Sheffield Crown Court was released due to a series of issues that the trial judge referred to as "astounding". The proceedings of the trial, which involved sexual assault, were brought to a halt when one of the jurors dozed off and another admitted to missing out on essential facts. Plus, during the deliberation process, one of the jurors had to be excused, as they had contracted an infectious illness.

We received instructions from a 68 year old male who was due in the Magistrates Court for a Plea Hearing having been charged with historic sexual offences relating to his sister in law (who was under the age of 16 at the time of the alleged offences).

Working out whether pornography is legal can be extremely difficult because of the varied legislation covering it. We have a team of lawyers in Yorkshire, Manchester, London, Birmingham and Bristol, specialising in sexual offences and pornography laws. If you need a specialist sexual offence defence lawyer, contact us on 07798753720 or email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

It is becoming increasingly common for police to ask someone under investigation to release their phone and other electronic devices for examination, so it is no wonder that people believe it is mandatory to do so. 

If you have been charged with a sexual offence, you are probably feeling anxious and scared about the future. It is common for us to be asked whether the charges can be dropped before going to court. A good solicitor will do their best to get the case against you dismissed before getting anywhere near a courtroom.

The age of consent for sexual activity is 16 in England and Wales and applies to heterosexual and same sex relationships. If the older person in the relationship is deemed to be in a position of trust, then the age of consent rises to 18. There is an absolute bar to a defence where the child is under the age of 13 when the sexual activity occurs.

In law, a child aged 12 or younger cannot consent to sexual activity in any circumstances and this is therefore regarded as rape, whether they looked older or ''consented '' to or initiated sexual activity. It cannot be stressed enough; if the child is 12 or younger, then it is illegal in every case.

Must Do’s

Your referee must:

1. Put their full name, address, contact details and date on the reference.

Mr S was accused by a work colleague of having attacked her sexually, on two occasions, on the same day following a prolonged period of sexual harassment without sexual touching.

Indicators were that the Complainant had many life issues including mental health problems and was prone to fantasy.

Leading Defence Lawyer, Stuart Sutton, recently featured in an episode of Womanhood, a BBC show that focuses on six famous women of "different ages, backgrounds and experiences" who discuss popular, and often controversial, topics.

We are pleased to announce that as a result of the continued growth of our firm, we will soon be welcoming two new members to our team. In September 2021, Shelley will be joining us as a paralegal, and Grace will be joining our team as a trainee solicitor. Since launching our specialist practice two years ago, we have expanded to meet the demand of our clients. We always strive to provide exceptional legal advice and client service. 

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