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Following the accusations made against Jimmy Savile, Operation Hydrant was set up to investigate claims of historic sex crimes. Of the 7,396 cases on the police database, only 29% ended in conviction. However, those who were wrongly accused of crimes are still facing the repercussions of the allegations. With such a massive influx of cases as a direct result of the Savile scandal and Operation Hydrant, some now believe that police and prosecutors were too quick to believe allegations without proper investigation.

How many times have I heard a friend or family member of a convicted person say “X was let down by his previous solicitor, they did not listen to instructions, they did not give appropriate advice…”

Over the past few years, more innocent people have been convicted and more guilty people have walked free because the criminal justice system is broken following years of underfunding. 

Figures revealed by Lincolnshire Police show that 366 crimes were resolved using community resolutions last year of which 143 were for incidents involving violence without injury. The other 223 cases included the sexual assault of a young child alongside a religiously aggravated assault with numerous other violent incidents involving injury. These cases were dealt with by tactics including offenders apologising to victims, paying compensation, or other informal means of settlement.

New statistics from the Attorney General’s Office released on 6th August revealed that 137 criminals had their sentences extended in 2017, the majority of which were sentenced for rape and serious sexual assault (58).

A man has appeared in Stafford Crown Court on rape charges relating to an offence carried out in 1989. 

The Government has introduced a new Bill in Parliament that will make ‘upskirting’ a specific criminal offence

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has published details of the findings of its recently conducted review into rape and serious sexual offences (RASSO) cases. 

 A long-running operation investigating allegations of historic abuse in the care system in North Wales has led to the arrest and conviction of a former Deputy Principal of a private children’s home. 

 An investigation by the National Crime Agency, working together with the Kenyan Police Child Protection Unit, has resulted in the conviction of a pensioner for sexual abuse

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