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The NSPCC has warned that abusers will exploit children spending more time on the internet because they are locked down and spending more time on their devices because of the Coronavirus. 

It has been described as a “perfect storm” for abusers to take advantage of the pandemic. 

Tech firms have had to scale back the number of moderators tackling sexual abuse, giving offenders an “unprecedented opportunity” to target children who are spending more time online and are increasingly lonely or anxious because of the lockdown. 

There have also been warnings that physical sexual abuse of children may increase for the same reasons as well as domestic incidents and violence against children and/or neglect. 

A police chief to the Home Affairs Select Committee stated that, in his professional judgment, we would expect to see more safeguarding issues within the household and it wasn’t just domestic abuse but child exploitation and child abuse within the house, as well. 

Other chiefs have said that they expect to be extremely busy once the lockdown is over and things get back to “normal” be it a much “new normal” or otherwise. 

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