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Being detained, arrested or charged with a criminal offence is often one of the most confusing and stressful experiences an individual is likely to encounter. For many of our clients, allegations have surfaced from historical events or are otherwise unexpected, resulting in quite a shock for clients and their loved ones. In all situations, it is important to instruct the right solicitor at the earliest stage possible.

Often when a suspect is approached by the police, they feel that being innocent of an alleged crime is enough to clear the matter up and speak freely to the police without the benefit of legal advice. On the other hand, some will instruct a solicitor who does not have the required level of experience in defending against serious criminal allegations. These are significant errors that we are regularly left challenging at the appeal stage, should the matter result in conviction.

It is essential that you have high quality, specialist representation from the start of any criminal investigation to give you the best chance of successfully defending the charges against you. Winning an appeal is far more challenging than providing an expert defence early on, and so you should always instruct the best legal services from the outset.

Our Criminal Defence Lawyers have the expertise and knowledge to ensure our clients are treated fairly when they come into contact with the criminal justice system. Even the most innocent of statements made to the police during an initial investigation can serve to strengthen the case against you. Our Team, led by expert Criminal and Sexual Offences Solicitor, Stuart Sutton, can provide robust representation at all stages, from an interview with the police to a court trial. We will meticulously examine the evidence against you, identifying any errors and weak points, and prepare a strong defence strategy. We have many years of combined experience in defending clients against serious criminal charges. Contact us today and give your case the best chance of success.

Stuart and the Special Casework Team have particular expertise in defending clients in sexual offence cases, including relating to historic sex abuse, but we can assist in defending you against allegations of any serious crime.

Expert Serious Crime Defence Solicitors

When you instruct us, we aim to build a strong enough defence to prevent the case getting to the conviction stage, minimising the impact on you and your loved ones. By methodically and persistently examining all evidence, while working closely with both our clients and specialist criminal barristers, we can identify all potential evidence and subsequently ensure that all relevant information is disclosed.

One of the most important steps we will take when preparing your defence is to create a powerful defence statement; one of the fundamental cornerstones of a defence is a properly drafted defence statement. A defence statement not only sets out what the person’s defence is, but also gives reasons (where possible) for the lack of opportunity for the offence to have been committed or other reasons why it could not have been committed. Further, it gives the defence an opportunity to ask for the disclosure of certain documentation and items (sometimes subject to the leave/permission of the Court) which may help prove the defendant’s case.

Primarily, because of the severity of the crime, and subsequent sentence, it is paramount that a thorough defence statement is prepared in all historic sexual abuse cases. Any issues concerning the consistency and reliability of evidence must be thoroughly addressed. Incidents that are alleged to have occurred several times or over an uncertain period can often lead to “course of conduct” counts alleging unfounded multiple offending. Because of the potential to cause misleading impressions about the assumed extent of the abuse, careful preparation and an extremely detailed defence statement must counteract it.

Our expert legal team understands the importance of a robust defence statement, and as a result prepares them, and all other court documentation, alongside specialist trial counsel, who ensure that a coherent trial strategy is put in place in the case’s initial stages. The client is involved in every step of the process. Conferences are organised with counsel, often ahead of the delivery of prosecution papers, to ensure that all the correct decisions are made. Our expert solicitors pride themselves on the meticulousness of their preparation, which prevents a fractured case and reduces the possibility of any ambiguity.

Our Criminal Defence Experience

We have acted for clients who have been charged with sexual assaults, rape, offences against children making pornographic images and related crimes. Stuart and the Team have an outstanding record of defending clients charged with sexual offences, with a high percentage of counts resulting in not guilty verdicts since November 2000.

The potential for miscarriages of justice is high in sexual offence cases especially for example in historic abuse cases. As such, the right to a fair trial has particular significance. Unfounded allegations must be robustly defended, with considerable attention given to the accuracy and integrity of evidence and how a case is presented.

At Sutton Defence Lawyers, we represent clients who are privately funded or have the benefit of LEI (Legal Expenses Insurance). Many people do not realise when charged with a criminal offence, they do not have to instruct the solicitor their LEI provides. Indeed, the solicitors recommended by the insurers are not necessarily the best or most experienced in their field.

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Our robust defence preparation, attention to detail and professional representation makes us the first choice for criminal defence. These key traits are essential to safeguarding the rights of our clients from allegations of criminal activity. We discuss all the available options in order to find and implement the best course of action.

Our expert sexual offence solicitors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to advise and assist. For more information, please contact Stuart Sutton on07798 753 720, email Stuart on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complete our online contact form.

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